The brand «Liechtensteinische Landesbank»

We practice consistent brand management with the aim of presenting a uniform and authentic overall image of our Group. Therefore, we want to continue making significant investments in our corporate identity.

This is «my bank»

A company is recognised by its brand. All our activities are aimed at ensuring that clients recognise and experience our brand the moment they enter our building, flip through a brochure, or talk to one of our staff.

However, that is not sufficient to nurture a positive image. The financial and economic crises have clearly shown that a loss of trust in individual banks can have an impact on the entire banking sector. Success lies in creating and preserving trust in all areas – firstly through consistently good performance and secondly through regular dialogue with shareholders, clients and employees.

A uniform corporate identity

Our corporate identity is an integral part of our overall strategy. It encompasses our business conduct and approach, communication and corporate design, both internally and externally.

Our corporate design guidelines ensure a uniform identity for our bank. They also facilitate the recognition of our brand. The guidelines specify, for example, what colours, fonts and formats are to be employed in our brochures and advertisments. In addition, they contain specifications for the interior and exterior design of our buildings. In advertising they enable us to simplify creative processes and the interaction with external partners. In turn, this has a positive impact on costs because existing layout formats can be used for new advertising media.