Sustainable products

As the longest established bank in Liechtenstein, we have very close ties with the Principality and its people. We are therefore absolutely committed to fulfilling our social responsibility and offering sustainable products and services.

On behalf of external fund promoters, we participated in the launch of the first Liechtenstein micro-finance fund. This invests in micro-finance and fair trade investment instruments and provides access to financing services in developing and emerging countries.

With our eco and renovation mortgage loans, we support not only the new construction of energy-saving buildings, passive housing and buildings complying with comparable alternative energy standards, we also foster the renovation of heating and insulation systems. We are also committed to the eco initiatives represented by the «Holzkreislauf Association» and the «Liechtenstein Solar Energy Association». For many years, we have promoted the use of renewable energy resources.

We strive to use natural resources responsibly and constantly endeavour to reduce our energy consumption. We also take these principles into consideration when remodelling office premises. For example, solar panels were installed during the renovation of our «Engel House» building. This means that we already have three office complexes in Vaduz equipped with solar panels enabling a portion of our power supply to be generated in an environmentally friendly manner.

The figures given as examples here refer to our business location in Vaduz.