Sustainability and Environment

Balancing social responsibility, ecological integrity and business success represent a formidable challenge for many companies. We employ various measures to raise the awareness of our staff for the responsible use of resources.

Sustainable growth

Sustainable business activity should contain not only economic but also ecological aspects. Our objective is to pass on a healthy environment and a stable economic framework to future generations. In achieving this goal, the way each employee applies this principle every day is of crucial importance.

As an expanding, internationally active Group, we and our peers are confronted with a special challenge: the number of business trips abroad increases in parallel with the growth of our bank. We endeavour to reduce these trips to the necessary minimum, and have therefore equipped all our international business bases with videoconferencing facilities. However, personal contacts and client visits are extremely important in our business, and can only be replaced by electronic communication to a limited extent.

Commitment to sustainability and the environment

In economic terms, our supreme corporate objective is to create added value for our shareholders, clients and employees. With regard to ecological sustainability, we strive to reduce the natural resources required for our business operations to a minimum. Furthermore, in future too, we shall provide specific support for projects, which contribute to preserving the environment.