Liechtensteinische Landesbank

FC Vaduz

For eleven years, we have been the main sponsor of the FC Vaduz first team. This partnership contributes to raising awareness of our public and national presence in our core domestic markets of Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

Market research studies confirm that the level of awareness of the LLB as a major football sponsor is «high» to «very high».

LC Vaduz

Actively working together symbolises not only our business policy, but also our cooperation with the Vaduz Light Athletic Club. We have been the main sponsor of the «Städtlelauf» organised by the club since 2006. This run through Vaduz is aimed at the general public and strives to motivate as many people as possible to exercise regularly.

Liechtenstein Medical Association

Since 2007, we have been supporting the Wednesday Forum of the Liechtenstein Medical Association. This enables us to make a contribution to sustaining a high level of healthcare in Liechtenstein and the adjacent region. Each year eleven such forums are held, at which recognised medical specialists discuss current health and welfare issues.


The «NetzWerk» is a social institution set up in 1990 to help prevent addiction, violence and suicide. On behalf of the public sector and private companies, it develops relevant projects and implements them in schools, local communities and companies. At its website, the association offers psychological advice, which can also be obtained anonymously. We have supported this electronic helpline since 2002 as the main sponsor.

Adult education at Stein Egerta

The goal of this institution is to plan, promote and coordinate adult education in Liechtenstein. It has now become the largest provider of adult training courses in the region (Liechtenstein – Rhine Valley – Vorarlberg). Its course offering ranges from language, computer and handicraft training to events and courses in art, history, philosophy, psychology and sport, as well as study trips and excursions. We have supported this major organisation – which celebrated its thirtieth anniversary in 2009 – as the main sponsor since 2003.

«aha – tips and information for young people»

We offer young people not just banking services, we are also committed to supporting constructive leisure activities for them. Here our sponsoring of the «aha» Youth Information Centre in Schaan – already in its sixth year – focuses on three major projects: «Holiday job exchange», «Longing for summer» (vacations for young people) and «Holiday fun» (summer courses for children and young people).

«Holzkreislauf» Association

The «Holzkreislauf» Association, which was set up in 2000, targets forestry engineers, sawmill owners, carpenters and woodworkers. Its goal is to promote the use of timber products from sustainable forests in Liechtenstein. For this purpose, the association has created a special award. The most innovative timber construction projects undertaken in Liechtenstein by architects, engineers, public and private construction companies are awarded a «Wood Oscar».

As the main sponsor, we have supported the goals of the association right from the start and therefore made an important contribution to promoting the sustainable use of our forests in the future.

Vaduz Film Festival

For 15 years the Vaduz Film Festival has brought joy to lovers of open-air cinema. We have been the main sponsor of this event from the beginning. The festival's exciting, and discerning programme enriches local and regional cultural life every summer season.

«Schlösslekeller» Theatre

The «Schlösslekeller» Little Theatre in Vaduz is dedicated to organising and presenting cabaret, readings, exhibitions and narrative theatre performances for a lively cabaret scene in Liechtenstein. Besides international celebrities, local artists frequently perform. The Little Theatre also offers young performers an ideal stage to showcase their talent and flair.

Balzers Operatic Society

The Balzers Operatic Society has been an integral part of Liechtenstein's rich and varied cultural programme for decades, and is well known far beyond the Principality's borders. High-calibre productions are staged in which both famous artists and performers from the region appear. As the main sponsor for many years, every summer we invite the public to a «Matinee im Hof», where songs from the latest production echo through the bank's inner courtyard to launch the new operatic season.

Our events «im Hof»

We have merged our two sets of events «Jazz & Blues im Hof» and «Culture im Hof» into a new programme: «Summer im Hof». Under this title we regularly organise concerts and various events in the inner courtyard of the bank's headquarters in Vaduz. These events provide both well-known and unknown bands from the region with the opportunity of performing in a very special atmosphere in front of a large audience.

Our events «im Hof» are aimed at music-lovers of all ages. Besides jazz, blues, funk and rock, the extensive programme includes country and traditional folk music as well as intercultural events.