Bank Linth

In March 2009, the Board of Directors of Bank Linth issued a new mission statement, according to which the bank shall take a leading role in «providing support for the region, by paying special attention to the local communities and their people». More support is to be provided for sport, cultural and social events in the region. And here employees' personal contributions are just as important as the financial support supplied by Bank Linth. In line with these goals, the bank's employees are explicitly requested to participate in local clubs and associations, or to involve themselves in political issues. The bank's guidelines for personnel state that «the close ties that Bank Linth LLB AG has with the region and its people are particularly evident in the dedication shown by each individual member of staff. Accordingly, Bank Linth LLB AG encourages its staff to stand for public office and assume official functions.»

Spotlight on children and young people

Bank Linth supports various institutions, including the Linth Region Welfare Society, which today is a non-profit organisation providing charitable and social services. This society, which was originally devoted to promoting the education and welfare of the general public, set up the «Leih- & Spar-Kassa des See-Bezirks» – today's Bank Linth – in 1848.

In the year under report, Bank Linth focused its support activities on organisations and projects that foster the welfare of children and young people. Generous donations were made to the following institutions: the Speerblick Supervised Residential Group in Uznach, the «Trillevip Children's Theatre» in Flums-Hochwiese, the «Pfadi Trotz Allem» Boy Scouts Group at Pfannenstil, the Oberurnen Playground and the Seidenbaum Rehabilitation Centre in Trübbach.

In addition, Bank Linth provided support for the «Crystal Singing» initiative organised by Betty Legler in December 2009. The singer-songwriter's idea was to bring together families and different generations through music. For this purpose, a choir consisting of about thirty children visited various senior citizens and nursing homes in eastern Switzerland in the lead up to Christmas and held concerts at each place.

Bank Linth's particular interest in children and young people is also evident in its sponsorship of sporting events. For many years the bank has sponsored the Unihockey schools tournament, which is named after the bank and organised by

the Jona-Uznach Flames. Every year, around 1200 young people participate in the tournament. In 2009 Bank Linth acted for the last time as co-sponsor of the junior championships of the Zürichsee/Linth Regional Tennis Association. And last but not least, for two years now Bank Linth has supported the junior section of the SCRJ Lakers.

Bergbahnen Flumserberg

Bank Linth interacts closely with the Bergbahnen Flumserberg AG. The aim of this intensive partnership is to further enhance the attractiveness of this family-friendly alpine resort, and to strengthen public awareness of Bank Linth. In the year under report, the partners launched a «Flumserberg credit card with Bank Linth». This innovative card not only enables the holder to make non-cash payments worldwide, it also serves as a season or day ticket, as an admission card for various events, and as a key for Mobility rental cars. Furthermore, Bank Linth is joining forces with Bergbahnen Flumserberg to realise another project, namely the procurement and operation of an enormous air bag to enable skiers and snowboarders to practice the most daring jumps without injury.

Tricks and jumps are also part of another project sponsored by Bank Linth: the Great Bank Linth Skatepark, Glarnerland, the largest outdoor skatepark in Switzerland, and the WakeSurf Festival in Murg, during which competitors surf on the wake of a motorboat.

Rotfarb Culture Club

Bank Linth has supported the «Rotfarb» Culture Club since 2002. This long-term partnership was intensified in 2009 when the bank became the main sponsor. The club's extensive programme includes concerts, cabaret, theatre, book readings, exhibitions and multi-media events. In addition, every year, under the motto «rotfärbli – Culture for Children», six exciting, versatile and fun-filled events are organised for children aged five to ten.