Fostering young talent

At the end of December 2009, a total of 52 apprentices, 4 all-round practical trainees and 2 banking trainees were undergoing training at the LLB.

We design and develop our training and professional education programmes ourselves, or in cooperation with external partners, such as the Center for Young Professionals in Banking (CYP), Zurich. Together with CYP, we foster, in particular, the training of apprentices, high school graduates and trainers themselves.

Our traineeship in private banking offers highly qualified young people an excellent launch pad for a career in the financial services industry. Furthermore, every year we organise try-out days during which school children can try out and inform themselves about the professions they may wish to take up in the banking sector.

We have 58 trainers, of whom 26 have already been certified by the Swiss Bankers Association. The quality of our practical training processes and instruments is regularly reviewed by the Association.