Change management

We attach great importance to dealing with change and transformation, especially at the present time in view of the introduction of the new IT platform. By implementing various measures, we are fostering communication and motivation in the LLB Group's largest IT project to date. We keep our staff informed about the progress of the project and the next steps in e-mails and in a special monthly newsletter, as well as on a quarterly basis in our staff journal. Moreover, we have organised various internal events for staff at which an exchange of views and ideas is encouraged.

In 2010, a further key change management theme will be the reorganisation of the Commercial Clients Division (for further information, see «Domestic Market»).

The high quality of our change management, our sensitivity for the subject and the needs of our employees was confirmed by an award we received from the Association of Management Consultants, Zurich. The LLB was nominated for the ASCO Award 2009 for its change management in connection with the subproject «Employees» within the scope of the introduction of the new corporate brand (for further information, see «The brand Liechtensteinische Landesbank»).