Corporate Center

The introduction of the new IT platform represents one of the largest projects in our corporate history. Besides enabling an optimisation of work processes, the new system also provides enhanced efficiency in the LLB Group's organisational procedures.


The Corporate Center encompasses the Corporate Service Center Organisational Unit and the Group Executive Management. It supports our client-centric business divisions and our Group companies in conducting their activities and realising their strategies. In doing so, the focus lies on the following functions: financial and risk management, trading and securities administration, payment services, human resources, marketing and communication, legal services and compliance, corporate development, as well as logistics and IT services.

The LLB Group's own financial investments are booked to the Corporate Center. Dr. Josef Fehr and Dr. Kurt Mäder are responsible for the Corporate Center.


The Group Functions in the Corporate Center are tasked with coordinating the most important processes and resources for the entire corporate Group, as well as monitoring compliance with all relevant rules and regulations, and ensuring they are implemented in respective guidelines and directives. In doing so, the central strategic objective lies in optimising bank processes as well as groupwide structures and procedures, but always taking into consideration direct and indirect client benefits, as well as the maintenance of a balance between productivity and security.