Werner Meier

Werner Meier (photo)
«We have to accept people as they are.» Werner Meier, Schellenberg (writing)

From Schellenberg/Liechtenstein. Born 1950.

Married and the father of four sons. His entire career, he has accompanied people. This sounds daunting, he says modestly, but he always tries to keep an open ear for his colleagues. He has worked for LLB 22 years, now as head of Group Human Resources.

Human beings are much more than a factor or a resource. The corporate culture of the LLB Group gives a lot of space to people. Others speak of human capital. We prefer to speak of human values: working together, mutual respect and recognition.

I used to be a teacher. Students, parents, teachers, authorities. Communication, balancing acts, and understanding were what was important to me. These experiences continue to be valuable in my function as head of Group Human Resources. My counterparts are human beings, just as they are.

Already as a boy, I met people who fascinated me. In our neighbourhood in SchellenbergSchellenberg, young novices lived in the rectory. We children liked to watch them chop wood, dig in the garden, and harvest fruit. Erwin KoblachThey made us really curious, especially the young novice Erwin from Koblach (Vorarlberg). I remember very well how he sometimes ate below the window, played his guitar, and sang songs. He often played jokes on us boys and told us stuff we simply couldn't believe. Then we ran straight home to ask our mother whether what Erwin said was true. Once he seriously told us that Koblach was the capital of Austria, and we actually believed him!

After his studies in theology, Erwin travelled as a missionary to Brazil. Since 1981, he has been the bishop of Xingu, the largest Brazilian diocese in terms of area. Ursula XinguSince my sister Ursula married Josef Josef, Erwin's brother, Erwin has practically become a member of my family. When he comes home to visit, he takes the time to meet up. The stories he tells are like from another world: the hard living conditions of the poor, exploited people; the life-threatening situations he puts himself in to defend the rights of the Indios. Sometimes, he still spontaneously reaches for his guitar during our cosy gatherings, like he used to as a novice under the window of the rectory in Schellenberg. The Vorarlberger who went to the Indios and feels most comfortable among people like you and me. A friend with an enviable amount of energy, whose life and work I have admired for many decades now.

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