Vincenzo Cristofaro

Vincenzo Cristofaro (photo)
«Always taking is not enough. We also need to give!» Vincenzo Cristofaro, Uznach (writing)

From Uznach/Switzerland. Born 1968.

Half Italian. Half Swiss. But 100 percent into sports. In life and at work, he is mainly interested in teamwork, in which everyone can successfully play to his or her strengths. He works as the head of Operations at Bank Linth.

A bank is more than just a place for money. In addition to its core business, the LLB Group promotes interesting cultural, social, and sporting projects. Since we want to be close to people and make a contribution. Since we cultivate true values.

Enthusiasm, fire and passion are in my blood. This is dedication to a chapter that goes far back into my childhood. I am speaking of the most wonderful pastime in the world: football.

I spent the first years of my life with my grandmother in the province of CatanzaroCatanzaro/Calabria. My parents had already moved to Switzerland, and I came to join them when I was six. When I was twelve, my parents decided to stay in Switzerland permanently. We moved to OhringenOhringen. From that time, I attended Swiss public school and my greatest desire was to join a football club. SalvatoreFinding the right club for little Vincenzo was the job of Salvatore, my father. He only considered FC Tössfeld, since that's where all his Italian colleagues sent their sons. It was about seven kilometres to Tössfeld, so my father always took me to training. He liked to do that, since he knew that he could talk to the other Italian fathers while I was training. And so I ended up with FC Tössfeld and stayed loyal to the club, with just a few interruptions, until I moved to the Linth region.

CasiThe youth coach, Casi, made a strong impression on me. Football was his life. Every evening, he stood on the field and watched every training session. We saw him all the time, and he was everywhere. And we boys knew: Casi fully supports us, is always here for us, cheers for us, motivates us. His emotions often went overboard, but we never heard him say anything bad. Only positive things. Casi shaped us young players. As a role model, a person of respect, even as a father figure.

Today, I play active football again with the veterans of FC SchmerikonSchmerikon. I am also the volunteer president of the club. Integration is a topic dear to my heart, since many of the juniors and players are from immigrant backgrounds. Through my engagement, I would like to give them back what I received. The rule I learnt from Casi and my father applies here as well: give your counterpart esteem and respect, and everything will be okay. If things worked out there in the world the way they work in our club, we wouldn't have any problems.

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