P. Daniel Bischof

P. Daniel Bischof (photo)
«Personal freedom and economic freedom. That's what counts for me.» P. Daniel Bischof, Vaduz (writing)

From Vaduz/Liechtenstein. Born 1957.

The Liechtensteiner by choice is a cosmopolitan in the best sense of the word. Stops in America, Japan, Korea and India have made one thing clear to him: the tension between near and far brings colour to one's life. He is the head of the International Clients Business Unit.

Being open to others means: the LLB Group approaches people from many different cultures. We overcome boundaries and are still rooted in our region. This is how we take care of every individual client. At home and in the world.

Politics determines our lives. In essence, this was already crucial in the Greek city-states of antiquity, in the poleis. I realised this early on as well. I was only eleven years old during the Prague Spring, but I felt very strongly: now personal freedom is really in danger.

So it was only logical that I became very active in student politics and even travelled as the president of the European Democrat Students for a year. On a beautiful autumn day in BerlinBerlin, probably in 1984 – I remember that the Reichstag building was still in ruins – an image burnt itself into my mind: Margareta handshake with Margaret, who gave a speech in front of the Berlin Wall. How fascinating she was! She had a clear vision of personal and economic freedom, of entrepreneurship and opportunities for development. The woman they called «The Iron Lady» made an impression on me, a young student of 25.

Later, my job took me to Japan. TokyoTokyo, to be precise. I experienced a society that worked completely differently from ours. Much more closed and conformed. And yet I felt very good, because the quality of life was so high there in every way. Culture goes hand in hand with business, and vice-versa. I mainly remember encounters with interesting personalities. Satsuki StrasbourgI will not forget Satsuki, for instance, she studied here in Europe at ENA (Ecole Nationale d'Administration) and became the first woman in Tokyo ever to serve as a director in the Ministry of Finance. An incredibly brilliant woman, who did not at all correspond to the usual clichés.

It all started for me with the European Democrat Students. Politics plays a role everywhere. It is something like the cement of culture, economics, society. CarlWe hold regular alumni meetings, and when Carl, the current Swedish foreign minister, attends, that truly is something. Something very special.

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