Beatrix Weilguny

Beatrix Weilguny (photo)
«When I spend money, it's definitely on travel.» Beatrix Weilguny, Vienna (writing)

From Vienna/Austria. Born 1973.

The jump from Austria to Australia and back was like a rollercoaster. But in her career, she's on a straight track: a contract is correct or it's not. She works in the Legal & Compliance division at LLB in Vienna.

Even though we sometimes travel in our thoughts, we stay firmly rooted on the ground. The LLB Group scores with its clients thanks to clear concepts, reliable know-how, and precise work. Prudent, not superior. But successful.

I'm a globetrotter. Large cities, faraway countries, other cultures draw me like magnets. No wonder that I've been pretty much all over the place in my life.

Like myself, my husband Roland comes from FreistadtFreistadt in Austria. We had seen each other around. But love only struck in Paris. RolandRoland worked there and invited me to visit him. So I did, and we fell in love. ParisParis, the city of love. L'amour and joie de vivre. A classic long-distance relationship began, which was exciting, stimulating, but also exhausting. It was therefore only a question of time until we chose a place where we both could live and work. Our choice was Australia.

We landed in SydneySydney in April 2008. It was rainy and cold. But we acclimatised well and when the summer came, we enjoyed the pleasures of Australia: sun, ocean, and barbecue. HermaniThrough Roland, I met the Indian woman Hemani. We developed an intense friendship, even though we actually had very different views of life. For instance, she had an arranged marriage, which is hard for me to imagine for myself. She liked watching Bollywood movies in her free time. She loved these colourful song-and-dance films with happy endings, pining over the opulent romances, while seeing herself also as a thoroughly modern businesswoman. What took a lot of getting used to in Sydney was something else, though: we had two huntsman spiders in our apartment! These saucer-sized, harmless spiders are normal for Aussies, but I thought they were simply terrible.

Australia was an adventure. Now Roland and I are back in Austria. Sometimes I think it's weird, since my drive to travel doesn't come from my family. MargaretheMy grandmother Margarethe, for instance, who was like a second mother to me, never left Freistadt. She saw nothing of the world, but was the most tolerant and open person I know.

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