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Adel al Hosani

Adel al Hosani (photo)
«The engine for my success in life? My wife Mariam!» Adel al Hosani, Abu Dhabi (writing)

From Abu Dhabi/United Arab Emirates. Born in 1956.

From a family with seven brothers and three sisters. His path led him via several banks and finally his own company to the financial heights of the United Arab Emirates. He works in the LLB representative office in Abu Dhabi.

Discovering new horizons always requires pioneer spirit. The markets in the Middle East are full of challenges. But they also offer the LLB Group real opportunities to continue to grow. For a future with roots.

When someone asks me where I would want to live the most, I say: Abu Dhabi. My choice would always be Abu Dhabi. Why? Because life is simply good here in Abu Dhabi, because the city is beautiful, because it is safe.

Sheikh T.B.Z. Abu DhabiMy friend Sheikh T.B.Z., a member of the ruling family, is a real son of Abu Dhabi. He studied in the United States, is highly educated and very well off, so he could easily spend all day doing nothing. But he does exactly the opposite, working 16 hours a day, seven days a week. His motivation is not primarily money, but rather the daily challenge and the desire for autonomy and independence. He puts himself at the service of the people of our country. A man for whom quality of life and the health and education system in the region is dear to his heart.

FahadAbu Dhabi is also the city of my childhood. When I was ten years old, I met Fahad at the table tennis club we both frequented. We are connected by the story of our very special passion. Although he lost his right hand in a car accident when he was only seven, he did not give up and set his mind on playing table tennis. With one hand. And he succeeded in becoming a top player! He soon beat all of us in the club, he became captain of the United Arab Emirates team, and in 1981 he was even chosen as the best player at the national table tennis championship in Saudi Arabia. His professional trajectory has also always been upward, all the way to CEO of Central Mail here in Abu Dhabi. But Fahad stayed a calm, level-headed man who doesn't talk much, even keeps himself back a bit, but is still usually able to persuade others.

Fahad and I have remained good friends over the years. I don't know anyone else who has made it that far despite his handicap. His secret? Iron will and charisma. A gift that the gods only give to few people. But maybe it's also a way for Abu Dhabi to say thank you.

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