4 Operational and legal risk
audited information

The LLB Group defines operational risks as being the danger of losses due to the failure of internal procedures, people or IT systems or as a result of an external event. Legal risks form a part of operational risks. The LLB Group has in place an active and systematic process for managing operational risks. Policies and directives have been formulated for the identification, control and management of this risk category, which are valid for all Group companies. Potential and incurred losses from various organisational units, as well as significant external events, are recorded and evaluated promptly at the parent bank. In addition, the LLB Group collates and analyses risk ratios, e. g. from the areas of due diligence and employee transactions for own account. Ultimately, the risks are limited by means of internal rules and regulations regarding organisation and control. The risk management process is supported by specialised software.

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